Thursday, May 31, 2007

Welcome and About

Hey all you guys that want to pick up girls (women, chicks, ladies, etc). Especially those of you that want to pick up hot girls (women, chicks, ladies, etc.) and date them. I'll leave the meaning of the word "date" to you.

This site is for you. So many good dating sites are filled with teases to get you to buy their CD's, videos, or membership. This information should be FREE! Yes, FREE dating advice is the right to all men.

Why? Because so many of us are bad at it. I was. Now I'm very good at it. I teach my friends, and they're good at it.

Several times a day, I'm going to offer another little tip, answer your emails, and get you in someone's pants sooner rather than later. Tell your friends, tell your girlfriend, tell everyone!

Dating doesn't have to be a nightmare. It can be fun, if you know how.


Anonymous said...

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The Relationship Company said...

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